Sunday, December 16, 2012

Composure / Exposure PT.3

We were caught out there in the inclement weather; please!! it was Superstorm Sandy style!! things were foul..the climate changed; check the exposure! 

Some were even pimping like the most fascinating David Petraeus or even Herman Cain ...heard saying whatever...understand me; who will maintain composure? 

Wishing it was a simple thing!! how can we play this? the devil will oppose ya...visiting a Newtown / Sandy Hook school...I was schooled by the word from the old school baptist preacher!

...back up in Newburg..getting down; now acting brand new!! some are urged by the new school..but its hard to reach ya! 

Some had the urge...even dude was asking have you seen her?  per the Chi-Lites! 

Due to the exposure my other homie merged like he was a Bodyguard per Whitney Houston; cruising..rolling up on Ohio Player Skin Tights! 

Maintaining composure..home will be Louisville / Detroit and Cincy Ohio player!!  but things are tight!!  jokers act false in the hood...word from a Midwest bruh down here in the ATL! 

Whats the deal? please!! dude is carrying a Sword of Truth in the midst of so many falsehoods...rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Showbiz and AG....trying to take it to the next level..I told ya!!  just trying to maintain my composure ..not trying to fail! 

What can I tell one? jokers are shady like UBS AG trying to rig interest rates... hating..waiting in the dark;  the exposure / light got to them! the staff meeting losing their composure; everybody was an expert!! acting brand new with them!

Karma is a real mother for ya per Johnny Guitar Watson...some will get whats due them...soon cashing reality checks...

...due to the composure / exposure..check the Cosmic reality disrespects... 

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