Thursday, December 27, 2012

Doing The Math / The Aftermath

Holiday season!!  cold like the Northeast or hot like Hawaii during this season? checking out the aftermath!

How? why?  what was the reason for the treason?  even Spike Lee called Django Unchained disrespectful!!  any cure for this thing? its usually found after we do the math! 

Smart like Google music scan and match? or a smart phone with plenty of applications! 

Act like you knew a bruh!! out here in the danger zone trying to make it!! no job but jobless claims are down? whose filling out plenty of applications?

The danger zone was full of so called "free radicals"  ...indications were they'll cause some to  jump off the fiscal cliff! 

Word from Harry Reid..true indeed...but I'm no stranger to the madness....but O-Zone is going off with this!

No stranger to the madness or Total Chaos...things can blow up like shattering cookware!

Friends and Strangers by Ronnie Laws plays while a bruh cruises down I-20 in Atlanta...thoughts scattering;  as a crook goes there!

Dealing with known and unknown dangers...scattered thoughts are collected / check the aftermath;  but haters fire on us like New York firefighters!

 Battered and bruised egos undergo the healing process after one did the math; word from these Parliament Flashlighters!

What mattered? insights were the Morsi in Egypt some claim they made mistakes.. 

What mattered? revealed during the aftermath..after doing the we go there..way way out there...we still deal with these fakes...

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