Monday, December 24, 2012

At The End Of The Day / Christmas Eve Edition

 Its Christmas Eve...the fourth quarter / the waning moments of the game;  now jokers act like they want to play! 

Going forth over the border....some thought they were gaining on their opponents; but it grows dark..its the end of the day! 

Going forth!! disrespecting like Django Unchained per Spike Lee?  some are in the way...but like Syria's president they said they were proponents of peace, understanding, and prosperity!

Going forth!! O-Zone maintained...but whose lacking the basic components? please!! in Atlanta / Dekalb County warrants were outstanding...meanwhile up in Rochester jokers were blasting on firemen...but some cry diplomatic immunity!

The shot clock is expiring man!! its the end of the day..but some jokers played Outstanding by the Gap Band when they dipped back to the community;  rolling down Broadway in Louisville..up in the Sedan Deville! 

Jokers were outlandish!! Christmas Eve / last minute shopping at the Gap and Old Navy at the end of the day; but acting brand new with me!! they didn't keep it real! 

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