Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Writing Code

This dude is writing code, plus playing the piano, but not just in the dark per Brenda Russell, also in the light...

Check the mode / check the scenario, check this breakbeat scientific hustle!! we're dropping insight...

Like a security guard with the flashlight I'm trying to shed light, but I'm not Old Otis on the Martin Show, so whatcha know? I told folks times are hard, but we'll recover..

We're going hard!! Flashlight like Parliament and George Clinton type moves are made!!  plans and directions for the future we'll discover..

Meanwhile I'm in flight; I hover above the clouds!! intergalactic with it!! avoiding corrupt Clinton Correctional Facility types!!

I'm in flight like those prisoners that escaped!! fanatics want to see me caught out there!! they're mad because I followed Public Enemy's instructions and didn't believe the hypes...

Check this code I write! damn!! during the test run on the computer it crashed  like the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket,  just when I was ready to take off..

Some tried to live without light, but it's not natural!!. so I had to shake the fake off...

One step ahead!! I shake jake off!! he'll try to trump up charges,  you'll get caught out there like Burrell Ellis! the apparatus will  put you in a Trick Bag!! word from Robert Palmer, peep game..

One step ahead!!  I watch my mouth per Pop's Advice!! unlike Donald Trump vs Mexicans!! this brotha is a veteran in the game..

Using this head on my shoulders per this alternative programming!! check me out as I write this code..

Plus this dread rocking the baldy rocks like boulders!! no slow jamming!!! I stay in funk mode!!

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