Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Rough Out Here: But That's Business As Usual

Glitches in the matrix? that's business as usual!!  like Dylann Roof background checks, the system's not perfect...

Snitches fake it to get info!! that's business as usual!! arrogant and aloof when they start whistleblowing like Bill Cosby drug victims?  that's expected, that's how they work it...

Whoopi Goldberg reserved judgement but how will a jury of peers, the prosecution and the judge get? your embellishment? jokers are trying to hurt it!!  they'll sabotage the operation..

Louisville / Newburg default settings? that's whats up with it!!  so weapons formed against us didn't work!! *Spiritual Significance In This Operation*

We didn't merge with those repeating history like Confederate flag supporters, mad because South Carolina is taking it down!!

We didn't urge ourselves? we didn't encourage ourselves like Donald Lawrence?  please!! we expected interference out there in the *Mainstream Of Mathematics* that's how these earthlings get down..

AKA reality; easy to become a fatality, as we deal with a bunch of fanatics...

Dipped for a minute after jokers got foul with me!! I even had to stay a step ahead of the sheriff and his deputies!! but now that I'm back on the set I noticed things were Out Of Control!! as we deal with a bunch of fanatics..

Dipped for a minute but now *I'm Going In*  I was ready to come back like Tiger Woods!! maybe I can put together a winning streak...

Actually? already in it now, up to our necks; it's tight in these hoods!! I peeped game / morale was low / the outlook was bleak..

This has been rough week!! so what's up? this black man has been rocking this Mecca polo shirt and Arizona jeans for a few days!! plus my peeps had me locked away like the LA Clippers did DeAndre Jordan..

It's been a rough week!! but soon I was walking through Lenox Mall in Atlanta peeping new BlackWatch Polo shirts, but still reflecting on how the truth hurts!! oh, it's a rude awakening, like the day of reckoning!! but we keep it moving, flying high with quantum leaps, plus vertical leaps like Michael Jordan!!

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