Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Replacing The Parts (Authentic / Generic / Recycled? )

Updated 2.0 Freedom Riders moving at a High Velocity with the speed you need!! just got back from the hiatus per I-85 Chronicles and Carolina Cruising!!

I see them but wouldn't want to be them!! other riders become state's property per trying to be Cavalier like Cleveland; a so called weather maker hit alt-shift delete; who's winning? losing?

Now replacement parts are needed!! out there like the Russian spacecraft bringing supplies to the International Space Station?  

Some will fake this like Donald Trump talking junk, now Republicans are in a bad situation...

O-Dog didn't fake this!! sounds thump as he brings the funk, the brotha is authentic when he kicks it!!

The wise and otherwise try to regulate your boy Brotha O AKA Cleo AKA O-Zone!! we're under attack per the devil being opposed!! oh he stays busy!! local, national, international and intergalactic is where he kicks it!!

Some get surprised as they chase the prize per Ashley Madison!! it's not very long, oh the pleasure wasn't lasting!! now some are going dark with this!!

Some get surprised as their Aunt and Uncle *whip the nae nae*  at the summer family reunions but the Brotha O did the basic two step per training at after hour clubs up on Madison street in Louisville, so what's the deal? I'm catching sideways glances when I spark this...

I wasn't generic, a brotha is an advanced species as the New Horizons takes pictures of my home planet Pluto... 

Jokers aren't fair with it!! called themselves being players like Tiger Woods but they find out it's tight in these hoods!! instead of new parts they recycled old ones!! so whatcha know? 

Lights blinked on the instrument panel indicating that I had to land the mothership on earth; now I'm replacing the parts that are needed..

The Brotha O is no shadetree mechanic, I've been doing this /  blue collar with this!! keeping it authentic, no generic or recycled parts are needed!!

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