Monday, July 13, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles: From Decatur To The Carolinas

I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, soon chilling in the Carolinas; where else did you find us? we're moving at a High Velocity with the speed you need...

What's up money? who'll understand a bruh? wondering how my mind does? some need to stop chasing "they can't catch what they can't understand"..true indeed..

What's up with the money? that's what the Eurozone asked Greece!! meanwhile down I-20 we ease!! We've got what you need "analog or digital" it doesn't matter if you have the rabbit ears...

Hood thing over in Decatur?  small T.V sitting on a broke bigger T.V!!  clothes hanger used for the antenna.!!  what's really going on? please! others were underground dipping through tunnels per  Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman!! the type  of crooks that  got over their irrational fears?

Hood thing over in Decatur? dude steers the *Stankin Lankin* aka old school Lincold Continental down Candler Road!! wrecked on the drivers side, slick tires because the front end needs alignment!!  acting brand new man!!! drunk / smoked out, admitting that he ran into the garage..

Good thing I dipped from a hater and his advocates that were all up in the spot!! thanking the Lord for blessing us even though haters were  fragging us!! Mystic Voyages taken, and I didn't tell them Bon Voyage!!

Entering our attack zones, we weren't fronting and faking like 50 Cent then filing for bankruptcy like he stole  a play from Donald Trump's playbook!!  we're ready for the scrimmage!!  check the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*

The tracks are O-Dog's / Good Word is O-Zones's; what's up with us? there's *Spiritual Significance In This Operation*

Cracks in the foundation like the Iran Nuclear Talks stalling? jokers told me they were big balling, but like Scott Walker vs Unions they'll get cut off!!

Found in unpleasant situations like nuclear winter? the pitcher balks at Turner Field out here in Atlanta, was it the 90 degree weather that prevented him from getting off? 

We're getting off!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!!! soon putting it down from Charleston / Columbia South Carolina on up to Charlotte...

North Carolina; actually, intergalactic, out in the galaxy is where you'll find me; out in the heart of it...

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