Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Crisis Managment PT.5 (It's Going Down)

 Damn!! here we go again!! check out the ongoing crisis; I'm like Bishop Secular; who the hell left the gate open? 

Damn!! here we go again!! check out the ongoing crisis, you can be  religious or secular!! like Turkey vs ISIS those that hate will try to get open...

Damn!! here we go again!! during these ongoing campaigns who's fake with it like iPhones made in China..

Damn!! here we go again!! I'm laying in the cut, chilling out in the compound sharpening weapons; that's where you'll find a brotha!!
Didn't co-sign with another during the ongoing crisis; shady like the Iran Nuclear deal?  what's really going on per my satellite station?

Going for mine per this crisis management!! if we do or don't somebody will damn it!! It's going down!!  this brotha is broke but I'm paying attention. 

How did some play?  they act like they're through dealing!!! morale is low. 

We're playing this thing like a marathon;  we kept on running, but it got lonely out there!! some thought the style was slow. 

We're up on it!!  we ignore Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee types. 

Plus we took Public Enemy's advice;  we didn't believe these hypes.

O-Zone types this good word in,  while the Brotha O-Dog jams

Danger zone business is handled per this crisis management; we're  ignoring corrupt Fiat Chrysler types selling jacked up Dodge Rams.

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