Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Writing Code PT.2 (Information Overload? )

Looking for the perfect beat like Africa Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force!! beats  sometimes broken like English or this good word; I put *Messages In The Songs* but some need to read between the lines...

I'm writing code like computer programmers, plus I wasn't rolling with slow jammers while out there pondering The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space;  like the New Horizons out by Pluto I'm on the Intergalactic highway, reading the signs..

Satellites not programmed to the read the signs? they collide 500 miles up in space!! reminding me of I-285 in Atlanta or maybe Highway 101 in San Francisco..

Insights dropped when O-Dog jammed?  the Sonic Blackjack collided with hard heads!! those jokers weren't my friend like War's Cisco!!

Things aren't crystal clear in the smoke and mirrors!! what's up jack? the hard heads soon see good and evil collide / coincide; the price of freedom? we'll find out what the cost will be...

Writing this code as we go there out in the reign of terror; authorities will try to break you down like Bill Cosby!!

What will the cost be?  authorities say catching Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is a top priority,  but that's par for the course / territory!! I'm not out here acting like Joaquin Phoenix, even though out of the ashes we'll rise like the Phoenix, but the devil will oppose, in Atlanta he mentioned something about getting crunk...

That's where they lost me!! jokers were trying to crush our embellishments, sometimes history even repeats!! but we managed to take mystic voyages, now we bring back this Intergalactic Funk...

Turbulent waters tossed me in my boat, plus sharks and piranhas  will get foul with me..

We're *All Up In The House*  with jazz,funk, hip-hop and house, as we repell the attack!! no telling what the style will be..

Writing this code, aroused by the ongoing struggle, was it due to information overload?

Writing this code, following the street code!! while O-Dog drops the Street Funk per being in funk mode!! 


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