Monday, July 06, 2015

They Weren't Trying To Play Fair PT.2

I continue to roam the universe in search of peace;  on earth?  *Reason Gave Way To Madness*

Things heat up again in the Middle East per ISIS, check the crisis; who's playing fair in this?

It can be love or war, beauty or the beast; cosmic energy flys around, fragments, debris, last week in the Southeast? space junk streaked across the sky..

Check the energy, after a hater truth or dared this!! check the Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position!! haters were trying to shut us down like the Greeks, but the devil is a lie!!

Wasn't down with Black Greeks plus I didn't answer to the worshipful master down at the Masonic Temple!!

Various weapons used by these black geeks when *Dealing With The Madness*  drums, samples plus this forensic rhetoric, so what's up with it? some are wishing it was simple..

We're putting it down like a blue collar mechanic with his name on the uniform, but some accuse me of being bootleg...

Mechanical Engineering takes place;  please!! these methods aren't the norm but we're trying to make you think, plus O-Dog's loops might make you shake a leg..

Social Engineering told you to "break a leg" or go all out, but where did that get us?

Loathing and fearing is the routine!!  oh!! that's business as usual!! like the violence in Chicago over the Holiday weekend?  *Reason Gave Way To Madness*

We're approaching that tipping point; those that weren't trying to play fair are tipping the scales...

This veteran in the game is now coaching like Jason Kidd or even Steve Kerr, as time keeps on slipping into the future per Steve Miller! soon the so called wheeler dealer is flipping out, after their coping strategy fails..

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