Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Perpetual Motion PT.2 (The Revised Edition)

We keeps things in Perpetual Motion, but we're always meeting opposition!! broke but paying attention!!  you might confuse us with the Greeks!!

During the ongoing litigation we make breakbeat scientific motions!! we're accused of having Hazardous Materials, even though what we have is spiritual!! don't confuse us with freemasons and Black Greeks!!

Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering notions take place per these black geeks; O-Zone with this good word participates in the sonic rehab with O-Dog..

Steering the Mothership towards earth after chilling out by Pluto like the New Horizon!! scientific!! after consultations with extraterrestials intergalactic beats are cloned and produced by O-Dog

Another gets lost in the shuffle; lost in transition while trying to make it to San Francisoco for sanctuary...

Retro-futuristic when we kick it!!  messages lost in translation when rolling through in Perpetual Motion? operating in analog and digital!! will those with digital amnesia will thank me?

Multi-dimensional when we get with you!!  the anesthesia may have after affects so society disconnects!! they said we're rolling Thick As Thieves...

Realms, dimensions, levels and degrees visited, but no quid pro qou or  ransoms paid!! goals? we achieve...

Staying in Perpetual Motion, sometimes slowing down due to computer glitches like United Airlines!!

A brotha had work to do; I had a notion!! but glitches in the matrix make it hard to go there with mine!!

Plus in love or war, nobody's fair with mine or yours when we're all up in the house..

Putting it down without a shadow of a doubt!! we're staying in Perpetual Motion!! dropping this good word, plus O-Dog drops beats full of jazz, funk, hiphop and house..

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