Wednesday, July 29, 2015

They Weren't Trying To Play Fair PT.3 (They Aren't Acting Right)

Per Tom Brady type of moves I can see they weren't trying to play fair; they weren't acting right!!!  even the judge on the daytime court show I was watching told them to stop acting like a fool. 

They were sounding like Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee but Ms Peters told me how luck would be back in the fourth grade of elementary school. 

....She said you can't trust to luck, that would be foolish!!  but you know some were wishing it was simple. 

Drugging women like Bill Cosby to get pussy?  is that how a pimp would do?

A Pussy Riot is started but not in Russia;  check the cover of the New York magazine

It's not a Quiet Riot per the rock group;  in the hood?  money off the weed and  rocks some recoup,  now dope boys are like OutKast, so fresh and so clean. 

Ready to roll after observing the scene!!  but I see some of these jokers aren't trying to play fair!! they aren't trying to act right. 

Soul protection? so called anointed jokers aren't trying to play fair!! now some are misled / waiting in the dark!!  English language abusers said *it ain't right*

Soul perfectionists *ain't tight* with their game so who's disappointed in the outcome?   shadetree / bootleg mechanics sell parts like Planned Parenthood. 

They weren't trying to play fair / they aren't acting right!!!  plots / schemes / plans were part of the deliberate falsehood

What's up man? who's acting false in the hood? please!! I told you these jokers weren't trying to play fair!!

What's up man? they aren't trying to act right!! next thing you know? you'll be caught out there!!

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