Sunday, July 26, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles: Still Rolling Out / Riding Out: Without A Doubt

As we proceed and continue!!! We're Rolling Out / Riding Out!! just like that Swift eighteen wheeler I just passed on I-85, per those chronicles!!

Rolling out / riding out like we're out by Pluto like New Horizons as we search for new horizons;  naysayers? we're surprising as priorities shift per these I-20 Chronicles

Rolling out / Riding out without a doubt unlike Jihadi John wearing out his welcome with ISIS; as we proceed and continue to get funky when we arrive on the set during the ongoing crisis!!! usually Intergalactic, we just got back from Saturn...

It's rolling back through my sign, but I'm still going for mine!!  not handling business like the Teflon Don or Donald Trump, this good word is dropped and beats thump *Recognize The Pattern*

Dealing with glitches in the matrix, it's not business as usual!! episodes are bruising and battering egos!!

Going through this process; check the business as usual as from Ferguson to Baltimore and on down to Charleston the system is bruising and battering Negroes...

Going through this process; thoughts that were scattering over the universe are collected by this Negro, plus there's not a problem O-Dog can't fix, because he can do it in the mix...

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, but who'll understand a bruh? damn!! can't they see we're putting it down? knowledge? that's what a brotha kicks..

Tools / tricks of the trade displayed as I cruise down Peachtree in Atlanta, from Buckhead to around Woodruff Park the lifestyle appears lavish!!

Fools get played once you pass the park, going southbound towards the Underground and the Five Points Marta Station!! the situation is below average!!

Rules to fight the charade?  the funky sound is dropped plus O-Zone was above average when writing this code...

The game is still played per these I-20 Chronicles; we're still rolling out / riding out!! there was no information overload!!

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