Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It

 The whole situation is bootleg like Confederate flags left at Ebenezer near the MLK Center;  what's up with it? it's *Shady Like Grady*

Combinations are figured out;  whose corrupt with it? a Confederacy of Dunces?  jokers were at the table playing spades and deuces wild, acting foul,  they're trying to play me...

I threw up deuces like Chris Brown I didn't like how jokers get down!! drama is manufactured / configured;  check out the glitches in the matrix!! I had to switch players!! a bruh is  coaching this game like Steve Kerr!!

Souls are left fractured like parts found from Flight MH370!! I beared witness to it up in Louisville rolling in old school duece and a quarters aka Buick Electra 225's, I chilled with the hustlers and players, where the real drama would occur..

Fractions, equations, formulas dealt with in *The Mainstream Of Mathematics*  aka Reality!! egos it's bruising / battering...

Interactions were volatile like Robert Kraft vs Roger Goodell, it *ain't hard to tell* you should be able to *Recognize The Pattern*

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