Thursday, July 30, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles / Life Is A Marathon, We Keep Running

As we proceed and continue to dip down I-20 in Atlanta!! life is like a marathon!! we keep running!! life consists of moving everything forward.

True indeed!! it got lonely out there, but we kept on running!! O-Zone will exercise power like a forward!!

*Recognize The Patterns*   on earth where Reason Gave Way To Madness? we still put it down!! seeds were planted in secret gardens, like New Horizons out by Pluto we're soon entering a *Period Of Extensive Growth*

Intergalactic per Saturn, plus Plutonian Martian Chronicles, O-Dog is in the lab breaking beats!!! to the sound?  he took an oath..

Hustlers and players took an oath to the streets, Oath Keepers were like Doobie Brothers taking it to the streets!! meanwhile we're dedicated to the funk, we bring fire like the Ohio Players...

Due to deliberate falsehoods tires screech as some pump brakes in their vehicles, they're coming to a stop!! but we're Movin Forward!!! the catch phrase?..Play On Players...

Building layers on auras!! writing code like Planned Parenthood hackers?  telling authorities there's no need to track us, there's nothing detrimental!! 

Naysayers we're fronting and flexing like GOP presidential candidates vs the Iran Nuclear Deal, saying it's detrimental....

Saying prayers as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta, avoiding Dodge Rams produced by Fiat Chrysler; even though we're out here where the crisis is!!

What it do? we're still rolling!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, running this marathon!! it's on!! we're due rebates from paying high prices

What it do?  please!! We're Still Rolling!!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, running this marathon like we were from Kenya!! Obama's people; we avoid the drama people / kings / queens; The Brotha O-Zone has the Good Word. / the Brotha O-Dog is beat controlling; this is real, a brotha never was a pretender!!


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