Monday, July 20, 2015

The I-85 Chronicles / Carolina Cruising: The Concept Combination

Check out the concept combination; oh!! it's  due to Carolina Cruising per these I-85 Chronicles. 

What's up with it? I was chilling up in Davidson where Steph Curry perfected his shooting before leading the Golden State Warriors to ultimate prizes. 

Who's misbehaving? I was writing this on the one month anniversary of the Charleston church shooting. 

Dylan Roof types are misbehaving!!  evil minds? the devil is enslaving!! it's  like crooks in the village getting ill with it;  pillaging and looting. 

The truth game is played;  ISIS sympathizers want to shoot up Chattanooga?

The sword of truth is carried by these brothas during the ongoing crisis;  synthesizers and drum machines are utilized as we get breakbeat scientific,  but we're not trying to act brand new with ya!

Of course,  proof is provided that the devil is opposed!! state troopers were posted up on I-85 in these Carolinas.

They're working on the budget like Greece is; plus I just dipped down I-26 in Charleston where no justice or peace is per Walter Scott;  who's behind this? 

What's up with it?  check the scheme or plot!!  KKK vs New Black Panther Party down in Columbia? who's acting erratic? 

Carolina Cruising and I-85 Chronicles combine as rational and irrational thoughts combine to rebuke a fanatic. 

Choosing to take the assignment like Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, but accused of being a rogue nation like nukes held by Iran.. 

Planets were in alignment while chilling in the Carolinas; I was able to dip from the madness like Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán

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