Saturday, July 25, 2015

Scriptures and Mixtures

 Dealing with fanatics when we bring these scriptures; sacred like the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Recognize the real; mathematics are dropped!!  while I type this? the O-Dog Podcast plays in the background awakening dead souls!!

Who's acting erratic like Donald Trump? the good word is dropped plus the beats thump!!  the hype is brought down a thousand or two!! this brotha was like Isleys he had work to do!!! I had to work hard due to no cooperation..

Bearing witness to what the hype will do!! now some will talk reckless like Hulk Hogan but I don't think that news will surprise the nation..
Bearing witness to what the light will do, I was on a brief hiatus I wasn't going dark!! a brotha has to fight back, so *I'm Entering Attack Zones*

Usually Intergalactic, moving through space like the New Horizons out by Pluto but after I peeped game I can see how it go!! on earth some were slack in different zones..

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