Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Handling Business Before It Handles Us PT.6 (It's Going Down)

 I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on this humpday; oh!! it's business as usual!!

I'm tripping down here in Atlanta per the naysayers!! it's like Mexicans vs Donald Trump, but that's business usual...

I'm tripping down here in Atlanta, I admit it so I say prayers!! life is complex man!! it's not a simple thing!!

But I'm not slipping down here in Atlanta, we're handling business before it handles us!! chaos and mayhem? we walk with a bounce, as we pimp through this thing!!
Like Obama told Jon Stewart I was told to handle my business man!!  that's what relatives at the family reunion in North Carolina told me! plus the old school Baptist preacher told me to Play On Player..

Driving down the lane in the game?  I double dribble, plus I get hacked by JR Smith types!! *Lord Have Mercy Is The Prayer*

Couldn't make it rain it'll just drizzle!! per Isaiah 61:7 soon blessed double for the trouble?  at the moment I'm dealing with Agent Smith from the Matrix types, so I'm not a prime time player..

Couldn't make a gain as plans fizzle,  but they can't stop O-Dizzle!! what did I say earlier?  *Lord Have Mercy Is The Prayer*

What it do? said by these so called Atlanta players!!  but then my next sentence was a curse,  the devil was opposed so I was provoked..

OK!! the Lord asked, what's it gonna be? told Him I'm rolling with you!!  he said OK!!  later on, about the situation? we laughed / joked..

 Broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline, oh!! we had *a little something something*  we handle business before it handles us! please!!

Blues like Bobby Blue Bland!! that's per *dealing with a little something something*  knowing like Sandra Bland there's no  justice or peace!!

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