Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Next Chapter : The Saga / Struggle Continues (Part Ten)

Check us out on this Throwback Thursday, as we proceed and continue / moving on to the next chapter. 

Scorpio Season is coming to a close of course as we move on to Sagittarius;  it's evident that the devil will oppose accelerating the rapture. 

Of course me and my people are trying to avoid capture implemented by the nefarious /  knowing how the sport goes in Babylon. 

Par for the course unlike Tiger Woods at the Masters; yes!!  it's still tight in these hoods for those asking us! survival skills?  a dude masters,  once again it's on!

Retro - futuristic on this Throwback Thursday from back in the day until today until tomorrow, the new age / Lord willing! Insight was gained when I studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space.. damn!! I realized "its like this and like that and a"

When moving to the next chapter?  we realized we're  on another page; everybody ain't able / they won't understand a bro.

The saga / struggle continues as I continue to go for what I know!!  sticking to the original plan!

It's part of a bigger one ignoring those that'll trigger one like Trump types still opposing the election; hopefully?  I continue to grow...letting my people know as they deal with this original man!

Whats up man? damn!!  This is Next Chapter! the saga / struggle continues! of course opposition is met, sometimes it seems I cant do nothing aka  "Nathan" 

...per the hood vernacular, moves made are spectacular as sometimes I get fresh or fly; like back in the day up in Louisville buying kicks from Nathan's.

...before they closed, check the Throwback Thursday / back in the day reference; in Louisville? no benevolence per the Breonna Taylor case.. 

The devil is opposed, Throwback Thursday thoughts showed those Louisville narcs and powers that be we're always tried to pen us down with a case but success is the ultimate revenge!! check us out as we move to the Next Chapter; The Saga / Struggle Continues!! we're on the case..

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