Thursday, October 22, 2020

October Surprises (Part Ten)

We've got a few more days left in October but now the energy has shifted as we proceed and continue into Scorpio season..

There's still plenty of time for October surprises due to an entity's pursuit of earthly prizes that can even lead to treason..

Some will even give you a reason for having bank accounts in China like Trump but check the sounds; we'll find those that bump plus we'll drop this good word..

O-Zone mentioned Seasons / Reasons earlier but that's the kind of work a brotha will do!! but of course accusations of acting  brand new / acting like we knew were heard.. 

Going through these different seasons in life? October surprises creep up on us as we deal with new and improved methods to the madness..

These chefs from hell's kitchen will season these meals with herbs / spices comprised of voter suppression, along with systemic racism plus this coronavirus..

Beats and rhymes were stashed as we rebuke the October surprises! check the steady bombardment of enemy positions; in tall fescue grass? snakes / haters were hiding.

With Titans we clashed, our endeavors? they bashed but they didn't recognize; for freedom? were riding!

Enlightening the masses with this Next Level business so they're aware of these October surprises.

Enlightening when the sound blasts the next devil? oh yeah we'll take it there,  after O -Dizzle weaponizes it

Fighting through!! boots on the ground unravel plots and schemes from evil actors and actresses; plans fizzle as no weapons formed shall prosper..

Mentioned in Isaiah 54 :17 on this Throwback Thursday, retro - futuristic is how this work will be rebuking these October Surprises while in pursuit of the prizes; moves made are proper!!

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