Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Nine)

Attention was drawn!  like children hearing bags of snacks opening,  some were out here acting brand new..

Attention was drawn, like at the RNC 2020; I spotted the glassy eyes and heard the incoherent speech like Donald Trump Jr and Kim Guilfoyle; they must be on that stuff!! some are calling it a cocaine convention, even Melania Trump was acting like she knew..

O-Zone? okay!! he's acting like he knew based on Louisville / Newburg default settings and that unconventional wisdom!  able to spot jokers acting like they're on that stuff!! so once again it's on!!

O-Zone? okay!! now acting brand new rocking Louisville Cardinal gear but there's still no justice for Breonna Taylor? but what can I tell another? Trump and McConnell gave instructions to Daniel Cameron?

Danger zone?  oh yes!! my people are protesting as  that Louisville life is full of toil and strife plus corruption, so once again it's on!! beats will bump plus we'll try to tell y'all what it do / what it does..

It's on, as we get this HumpDay Extravaganza underway; thats what's up daughter / son as we make it do what it do / does..

Jokers are acting brand new while trying to get over the hump,  but they didn't  recognize the pattern; damn!! some are caught out there like Jacob Blake!!  now they're trying to burn down Kenosha, game over? blessings and curses reside in the same area!

Some will act like they knew,  but they're just fake;  others are stressing us, wanting progress to reverse!  change blowing in like Hurricane Laura? .check the scenario!

Whatcha know about them? others splinter off like the Lincoln Project, but tailor made;  like the cliche cut from the same cloth!

Whatcha know about them? some are acting brand new like Blacks For Trump!! rolling like Van Jones? or even  Herschel Walker / Tim Scott and even  Vernon Jones; they're  just clones that drunk the kool aid or had a cup of the elixir or broth!

Whatcha know about them?  acting like they knew? they're just props in on the scheme / plot like clones but they'll tell you they're getting off!!

Danger zones were jumping!! meanwhile per this Humpday Extravaganza that "Big Homie" O-Dizzle  said something about "going in /  getting it in"  / getting off!

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