Friday, August 21, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Seven)

Acting brand new like the wrapper was still on, or business as usual like Steve Bannon scamming and Trump trying to hide his taxes? 

Acting like we knew?  knowing the Post Office is still tearing down machines and delaying the mail even though Louis DeJoy said he would slow his roll, but we know those aren't the facts...

Acting like we do? trying not to go postal, per Flashback Friday? growing up a Louisville boy then  into a man now an old dude down here in Atlanta, trying not to spaz on another?  astrologers blame it on Mars In Aries...

Acting like they do? trying not to go postal, Louisville authorities still haven't provided justice for Breonna Taylor, but another old dude from Louisville told me I should know they wouldn't be fair with those or these..

Acting brand new? naw bro!! they've always been that way!! narcs were running crazy up in Louisville when I lived there..

Acting like I knew? but of course,  I had to get away from Louisville even though I'm rocking Louisville Cardinal gear as I type this,  now Local / National / International and Intergalactic, taking it there!

Acting brand new? thought and fashion police are tripping!! now they want to tell O-Dizzle how the funk should go!!  when O-Zone dropped these mathematics they even said I was out of sync.

Acting like I knew? oh yes!! I try to stay on the one with God, some have their opinion about this and that but it could be over with in a blink!

Acting brand new? yes, per fooling with Trump, Obama with his DNC speech  mentioned were on the brink of disaster!! co -signed by Joe Biden but chefs in hell's kitchen kept cooking!

Acting like they knew?  others said drink faster!! but it  was the poison kool aid  / elixir!!  no need to keep looking!

Acting brand new? understand me,  as the train of thought keeps rolling;  we keep booking / rolling as we proceed and continue!! putting it down, taking it there!!.

Acting like we knew? understand me, we keep doing the damn thing while some kept damning!!  in their eyes I see fear!!

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