Saturday, August 15, 2020

Funky House Mix By Cole 2020 (FREEDOM)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a hot Saturday afternoon in Atlanta; maybe somebody will understand a brotha...

..that's putting it down breakbeat scientifically; work with me as we take his journey, even though I once had my doubts; asking myself,  where did the mothership land a brotha?

I'm not feeling how these earthlings work things; not feeling how another will try to exercise power over another..

Shady dealing? it's not how we try to work things, not check out how this brotha will try to exercise power!! this is what's up with a brotha!!

How are we feeling? trying to work through the mood swings, was Afternoon Jazzing but now O-Dog Day Partying!! listening to Funky House Mix By Cole 2020 (FREEDOM)

Check out how we're dealing!! check out the playlist and the mix, soon spazzing due to ways of the world? naw, just chilling guarding my freedom!!

01. Ben Delay - Freedom (Sebb Junior Extended Remix)
02. Danny Does Disco - Mainlxne (Deep Inside) (Original Mix)  
03. Christian Vila - Mystery With Me (Original Mix) 
04. Disco Incorporated - Funk Connection (Disco House Mix)

05. Jay Vegas - Move That Body (Original Mix) 
06. Superlover - Piano Pump (Original Mix) 
07. Used Disco, Earth n Days - Hypnotize (Original Mix)  
08. Crazibiza - Work Your Body (Original Mix)
09. Tōnis - Classic Groove (Original Mix)

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