Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Three)

It's going down on our HumpDay Extravaganza segment, my constituents are eligible for it..

...actually the whole world is, getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha? we're out here trying to deal with it...

What? you may ask, a brotha will multi - task; out in these Atlanta streets? social distancing and rocking a mask!! scientists like  Dr Deborah Birx said Atlanta is a hot spot for that Covid - 19..

A brotha will multi - task ; dropped science concerning the temperature was rising now some say I'm acting brand new / acting like I knew; they even told me to quit playing!!

A brotha will multi - task I haven't quit playing that funky sound plus I'll use this good word to tell you how these folks get down with their evil ways..

Not trying to bask in the limelight,  acting brand new / acting like I knew I'm just letting you know what it do!! not a demented armchair quarterback running evil plays..

Whats the deal?  some "ain't got their mind right" / some aren't as strong as we thought!! damn!! they were acting brand new / acting like they knew per bogus executive orders issued like Trump's but chinks were spotted in the armor!

It's way too real!!!  I had to play it like Ephesians 6 :11 Put On The Full Armor Of God, but O-Zone was considered odd as he pulled out the Armor All to shine the wheels on the hooptie!!  but naysayers said that won't do nothing for ya!

Noticed others were shining!!  I guess some had their cake plus they're eating it too, but truth be told? they were just  acting brand new / acting like they knew;  they probably had collaborators / enablers like Trump and the GOP Senate;  who's breaking bread with them at the table?

Before churches were closed due to the coronavirus deacons were in the corner saying amen at the Communion!! the devil and his advocates were acting brand new with them, said they didn't believe the fable!

Acting brand new / acting like I knew like Joe Biden selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate?  this is the response to those that bring hate like it's the family reunion when it'ssupposed to be all love!! what did some bring to the table?  it was probably drama!

Acting brand new / acting like I knew, but the knowledge? O-Zone will do, asking about a fragile institution? so called experts and pundits said  it was dysfunctional!

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