Monday, August 31, 2020

Bubble Wrapping (Part Four) ..The August Wrap Up

Check us out on this Monday Morning as the month of August comes to a close; adding more drama to the stuff we're already dealing with in 2020? 

Are we being built or torn down per the debatable circumstances? Augustus Caesar type actions taken by Trump? plus I'm still wandering when Mitch Is Going To Have My Money!

We're bubble wrapping August 2020 up and shipping it to the warehouse of our minds, maybe storing it in the cloud like data? 

Earlier? a brotha was rapping but now into digital crate digging, the warehouse or garage is full of vinyl cassettes and CD's plus I've got computers full of MP3's; using this sonic assault to "holla atcha"

Society is trapping some of my constituents, it's not all love but per Music Monday some are now heard saying "betcha by golly wow"  like the Stylistics..

Society heard clapping as some my constituents are caught out there as agents / provocateurs stir the pot in on the scheme / plot from Portland to Kenosha /  city to city / state to state;  so what's up y'all, martial law? "real brothas and sistas" know what the style is...

Bubble wrapping like it's brand new / acting like they knew?  please!! these folk aren't caring about the have nots!

These brothas are slapping the drums and cutting up tracks launching these sonic assaults? it's a big world / universe somebody will  understand us / me!!  the good word is added as we enter attack zones confronting those that  have schemes / plots!

Jokers say they're trapping in these cities but all I see are  vacant lots / boarded up and abandoned buildings from Atlanta to  Louisville to Chicago due to Covid 19 plus civil rights demonstrations;  damn!! it looks like apocalypse now!

Bubble wrapping this administration and sending it to the warehouse ? 2020 elections will make some vacate the premises!! Trumps's empty promises didn't manifest in the here and now!

O-Zone mentioned the arch nemesis is on the premises, for my constituents hope diminishes; there's no love like singing here and now by Luther Vandross.

 In these zones?  flagrant agents conspire..they'll hit alt shift delete to make my folks take a loss!

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