Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Six)

O-Zone mentioned it before, it's  like somebody took the wrapper off!!  jokers were acting brand new..

In these zones? due to the coronavirus some shelter in place bubble wrapped; but as the economy and schools open bubbles will collapse, causing a relapse as some of these politicians act like they knew..

GOP clones act like they do because of kompromat as Russian money gets washed in the laundromat aka economy per Deutsche Bank...

Seeing drones and helicopters over cities during George Floyd / Breonna Taylor protests, y'all should know what's up with that!! others draw attention rolling like Big Bank Hank..

...from the Sugarhill Gang back in the day may he rest in peace, null and void is a brothas contract!!  O-Dizzle already told you a "black man can't have no peace"

The shady deal wasn't strange!!  jokers were't acting brand new,  they've been rolling this way since day one!  O-Zone peeped game "up in this piece"

Way too real?  that's the conclusion O-Zone jumped to, acting like he knew after seeing everything moving, he wasn't asleep in the game..

That's the deal / that's what's going on as a stupid one plots and schemes like Ralph Kramden of the Honeymooners or others, but due to the coronavirus reality is virtual like the Democratic Convention 2020, so what's up money? acting brand new?  what were they trying to build? it's all game!

Trying to build a community like The Sims!!  they were acting like they knew, but its more like the Simpsons!! some tried to keep it pimping but the gospel hymn said yield not to tempation!

....for yielding is sin, but some were acting brand new again  even though per this HumpDay Extravaganza they  live in glass houses like Temptations.

..some say they're building, acting like they knew, but soon blowing up spots like Beirut, now my constituents throw stones, throwing them at those rolling with Skull and Bones..

Some? at the moment not feeling them, they're acting brand new / acting like they knew!! but can't get satisfaction like the Rolling Stones!

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