Friday, June 30, 2017

Bubble Wrapping PT.3 (The June Wrap Up)

It's going down!! we're bubble wrapping this thing up like we're up in a warehouse!! it's the last day of June so we're going through these motions.

It's going down!! trouble caught those napping but we stay woke!! studies were conducted !! breakbeat scientific with it!!  it's like Trump vs The Morning Joe we're at the institute disputing ill notions. 

It's going down!! Friday night morphs into Saturday morning the first day of July trapping some in the vortex, meanwhile we're dropping this good word plus we're mixing sonic potions and elixirs in the melting pot!!  it's magical. 

Bubble wrapping / box taping!! it's  ironic how these scraping and scrapping commotions will have some caught up in the matrix!! in the background? from  Frozen, I hear Idina Menzel with Let It Go. 

Trouble rapping? I  heard a bunch of mumbles!! RZA told them to let the lean go!! I  even  had to tell a silly Negro we didn't need another hero,  repeating what Tina Turner said. 

They hadn't heard the Negro anthem? No Justice No Peace remixed by O-Dizzle!! now check the swag /  steelo that was stolen by an interloper!! I  ignored what a slow learner said. 
Contributing to Black Music Month per the June wrap up!! on these missions?  I stay flexible!! things can go sideways, bending or breaking you out of shape!!

Going for what you know? watch your mouth per Pops as  po po raids hideaways!!  now the crowd scatters, some fall out!!  they were out of shape.

Security pulled out the tape!! cameras are everywhere!! soon  ear shattering gunshots exploded, while the injured called out for Balm in Gilead.

O-Zone pulled out the box tape, bubble wrapping the month of June!! but soon the atmosphere eroded / the climate changed due to global warming!!  it's hot down here in Atlanta plus ticks and mosquitoes are bad!! 

Danger zone escapes delayed due to reality slapping some upside the head like the Gap Band?  heard Michael Jackson ask;  who's bad?

We moved on, bubble wrapping the month of June like we were in a warehouse!! others were caught out there in the action!! who's sad?

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