Saturday, June 03, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Out Here Still Doing What We Do)

The knowledge dropped is based on rolling down  I-20 in Atlanta reflections. 

The mileage is good on the mothership  as a brotha gets scientific like the Paris Climate Agreement , but jokers like Trump will ignore it!!  we know how bad the score can get!! this is based on internal and external inspections. 

Fouled during the insurrections / skills questioned?  who's fair about this / deceived about it?  I found an old school phone booth and played it like Clark Kent

Error corrections when I turned into Superman?  quiet is kept, per Kathy Griffin vs Trump a hater will circumvent. 

A dude will work it all out blue collar style like the Cosby Show back on TV just in time for his trial!! check the style,  but everybody didn't need to know.

What's the attitude?  everybody ain't able per the matriarch!!  they just don't know. 

What's the attitude? some are unstable, waiting in the dark while I gassed up the hooptie, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...

What's the attitude?  turntables will spin and my truth will be told per this good word, but who'll understand a brotha? 

What's the attitude? fables rebuked per the smoke and mirrors? it's manufactured like NASA blue and red clouds on the East Coast...

North Korea with an attitude? will spots get nuked? attention captured as some brag and boast..

Check the scenario like Tribe Called Quest as we continue our quest!! it's universal,  worldwide, and even coast to coast!! but at the moment we're on I-20 in Atlanta.. 

 Check the scenario, we're still doing what we do!! local, national, international and intergalactic!! out there!! somebody might understand a brotha!!


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