Sunday, June 11, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles ( Moving Forward)

Digital crate digging continues!! Saturday Night Fever was in affect when I started this  but at the moment it's all about Sunday Jazz and these I-20 Chronicles. 

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on a Sunday afternoon like those celebrating #ATLBikeLife!! like Trump supposedly vindicated we're contemplating the response to these and those. 

Knowing the devil will oppose!! indicated when tapes were rewound when trying to enter the pearly gates?

Amplive featuring Del The Funky Homosapien mentioned Video Tapez, but on another level Trump was told to produce tapes concerning Comey, so what's up homie? it shows a devil and his advocate still hates. 

Memos were also needed per the shady dealing!! it's no joke!! out there in the grey area?  rustlers even try to raid the Ponderosa.

...Like it's the Cartwrights and Bonanza, who understands a brotha when horror and terror is based on what they told ya?

They won't act right in Babylon!! down here in Georgia jokers had fake percocet laced with fentanyl y'all;  it's not all roses for y'all,  the sight is gruesome.

What's really going on? nationwide jokers march against sharia law, trying to act brand new son!!

What's really going on? we continue to ride, down by law!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, the so called promised land...

Once again it's on!! the saga / struggle continues!! but class is in session man!!

Once again it's on, as these Jeff Sessions types continue to be slick with it..

Saturday night morphed into Sunday as I wrote this so we're moving forward, but classic aggression is how I vote for this!! still breakbeat scientific..

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