Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Ranting and Raving..

Excuse me for getting breakbeat scientific, ranting and raving on a Terrible / Teriffic Tuesday!! it's a big world, somebody might have missed these styles as we show and prove.

We're in the midst of the Summer Solstice dodging bullets like Bill Cosby mistrials!!  Gloria Allred said there's more to prove.

We're on the move, rolling out with this!! it's Tuesday but check out this Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday type of verbiage!!  it's the Real Deal Holyfield.

Nothing to prove but I go back!!  work will be done in a old San Diego Chargers Starter cap with a matching Phat Farm shirt per the 90's and early 2000's;  plus I'm writing this in a holy field.

While some got at slick Kasim Reed  per the Turner Field Tent City I started writing this on church grounds aka sacred grounds; charge it to the game as a dude was trying to get my mind right.

Some are too slick, indeed!! meanwhile I was listening to church sounds!!   the call and response was mixed with George Clinton type of beats per the 20 / 20 hindsight.

My kind are tight with theirs!!  no Hillary Clinton excuse makers!! those church macks and divas aka believers were lubricated with that oil.

My kind drop this insight!!  working it with funky tracks and this good word after I recuperated from ill episodes on foreign and domestic soil.

Old dude over in Decatur said his blood will boil after the ill episode!!  now he barks like Donald Trump concerning James Comey and the FBI

 My attitude?  I plant seeds in fertile soil I'm not playing games homie, why ask why?

My attitude? it'll determine the outcome of this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday like Trump worried about the outcome of  Ossoff vs Handel..

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? this good word is dropped per the ranting and raving plus beats will thump!! we'll go off with this!! business? we handle...

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