Saturday, June 24, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (But We Took Another Route)

Check out these I-20 Chronicles as I try to catch up!! I just got back from a brief hiatus..

Getting loose on I-20 in Atlanta as usual but soon taking another route!! rolling up I-75,  going upstate with this!!

...Soon on I-64 headed towards Louisville where the morale was low per the  Katina Powell antics; not down with fanatics so excuse this dude,  but he's uncomfortable around clones.

What's the deal?  Jim Boeheim said Louisville will be fine but I see some acting foul!! like Trump blaming Obama for the Russia problem are there any excuses for the attitude?  the arch nemesis was on premises,  raiding comfort zones.

I'm going for mine, rolling down I-64 in Louisville and back down to I-20 in Atlanta;  longitude and latitude determined by GPS? wayward corporate drones swirled through the atmosphere.

They're wrong / rude / no gratitude!!  in Louisville? I spotted the white dude in the old school Buick Duece and a Quarter out on Shelbyville Road pumping Ice Cube / Death Certificate with all the swearing and cursing!!  watch your mouth and tones was the admonishment from my Pops back in the day!!  he took it there.

...Plus he reminded me life wasn't fair so I stay strong!! per the old school Baptist preacher?  I govern myself accordingly. 

...I feel like there's a war going on like the Trump Afghanistan resurgence!!  how did they work this? Angels and Demons were out there watching over me and you per the old and new school Baptist preacher,  so I govern myself accordingly. 

What's up man? we're letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!! we're working things from another angle!! we're letting them do what they do. 

What's up man? I got it right, rolling up I-75 going another route /  going to the Ville to check on the matriarch!!  but sometimes we made the wrong moves,  acting like we knew. 

...Per Saturday Night Fever as I write this? digital crate digging continues based on I-20 Chronicle reflections / inspections but some of us played the wrong grooves, even though we called ourselves laying it down. 

So called truth believers? some of us got played due to those making  the wrong moves on us like this was a big chess game!! we're praying after it goes down.

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