Sunday, June 18, 2017

I-20 Chronicles (Fathers Day Edition)

The saga / struggle continues!! a dude wrote these I-20 Chronicles  on Fathers Day. 

Much respect to you and yours as the good word is dropped and James Brown Godfather of Soul type of sound will play. 

Not playing games homie, I don't get down like that! that's not my reality. 

No James Comey type testimony per the Watergate anniversary!! per Radio One /  Cathy Hughes what's your reality? 

James Brown and the JBs mentioned others keeping Watergate just give them the bucks and they'll be straight,  as history repeats itself. 

...Like Muslims catching repercussions in London blame was handed down!!  some paid more than attention to these gamblers out for a fast buck as history repeats itself. 

We kept hustling!! O-Dog was batching up percussions while O-Zone had these discussions!! business was handled before it handles us,  an entity that defeats itself is a shame. 

We kept hustling!! this business is breakbeat scientific! we kept rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  just letting our constituents know it's all game. 

Others kept hustling!! it's all game!! if things don't go right? gunfire will erupt like the US and Iran firing missiles into Syria..

What's up with this or that thing? we'll pray to the heavenly father in the midst of the mass hysteria..

...Perfect on this Father's Day, we see how these American Gods will play!! they'll try to spazz..

Per these I-20 Chronicles? knowledge we spray,  plus classic material will play per the Sunday Jazz...

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