Friday, June 16, 2017

Mindful Vibes - Guest Mix 05 (feat. xPanda) [HD]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, but of course a dude didn't go along with the program...

Retro-futuristic!! taking it back to the future with the beats banging, sorry it's not a slow jam..

I am chilling with it though, acting like I know!! it's not strange thing!! all my constituents are going through something..

I am dealing with it though; check the vibes, passing it on to my tribes!! dropping them a little something / something..

Listening to Mindful Vibes  Guest Mix 05 (feat. xPanda) [HD] , check out the playlist and the mix...

Jazzhop!! a mixture of jazz and hip hop!! who'll understand a  brotha when I say  it's the perfect mix? 

01. Reminiscence (0:00)
02. 1994uv Sick (03:40)
03. A Break (06:12)
04. Cold Walk (xPanda x Soulstruck) (07:38)
05. Triple Dandelions (10:25)
06. Introspection (14:09)
07. Warm Wonderland (17:15)
08. observer (20:21)
09. Daytime (22:18)
10. OS-J (25:55)
11. Where To (28:25)
12. Finding Her (31:34)

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