Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Equilibrium PT.6 (Trying To Regain It)

Wrote this in the midst of Gemini season,  earlier I mentioned two sides to the game. 

Actually?  three with the truth in the middle!! is it like James Comey dropping knowledge?  dealing with the treason?  players said charge it to the game. 

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? determined by the attitude so quit playing games homie!! some will find someone else to blame...

Reality Winner got caught up in these games homie!! now reality checks pay the bill; so what's the deal?  at the end of the day, it's all game. 

A real winner? please!! while trying to regain his equilibrium O-Zone wrecks the train of thought!! damn!!  check out the derailment. 

A real winner? please!!  per London Bridge terrorists some are just food / lunch or dinner!! danger zone repercussions were next per the test, so who's failing it? 

O-Dog? he's trying to regain his equilibrium!! he spells it out with percussions!!  raging / railing against the machine! 

...Like that group,  so check the drum loop from the Yamaha or  Roland drum machine!!

Regaining equilibrium!! rebuking the social engineering with mechanical engineering like Siemens. 

Regaining equilibrium!! nuking the headquarters like plans by North Korea, but we're attacking demons.  

Shucking / jiving / juking players created mass hysteria tweeting like Trump!! they  share semen with the daughter of chaos.

Shucking / jiving / juking players said they run the streets holding trump cards but check the World of trouble type results per Lou Rawls!!  they'll take a loss.

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