Saturday, July 01, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles ( Oh Yes!! Its Still Going Down)

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, energized by the Saturday morning cup of joe. 

It's still going down!! check out these I-20 Chronicles!!  the saga  / struggle continues,  it's like Donald Trump criticized by the Morning Joe. 

....Or vice versa;  in the town square?  jokers will stone and curse ya for being out of line. 

Meanwhile? I had work to do!! the saga / struggle continues!  this dude is going for mine. 

Walking through The Babylon wilderness,  dodging land mines and improvised explosive devices.

Walking through these streets of Atlanta like Patti Labelle / Michael McDonald?  on my own  / left to my own devices. 

Walking through these streets of Atlanta paying these prices; what can they tell a brotha? over on Glenwood Road in Decatur jokers were spotted rocking Fubu 05 and Mike Vick number 7 Falcons jerseys...

In Between The Sheets by the Isley Brothers was rocked by Youngblood on KISS 104 in Atlanta this Saturday morning,  along with other oldies and goodies!!

The ATL weather heats up after it rained for 40 days and 40 nights!! jokers were spotted rocking hot ass hoodies and skinny jeans..

The ATL weather heats up!!! jokers are probably mad at RZA from the Wu Tang Clan, telling mumble rappers to get off that lean...

The ATL heats up!! tourists roll down I-20 / I-75 and I-85 trying to lean and rock with it; perpetrating a fraud per Trump's Voter Fraud Commission? 

Reality beats up my constituents out here on I-20 in Atlanta, but we survive!! O-Dizzle will rock it, beats will thump!! O-Zone has this good word but accused him of errors of ommision and commission!! 

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