Monday, July 17, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles ( Still Rolling, Trying To Catch Up)

 It's going down!! check out these I-20 Chronicles!! we're trying to catch up after being caught up in the system / matrix..

Caught up in the game? O-Zone was, but I'm bring this back like the Game of Thrones!! bringing the sound plus responding to these and those with this good word!! ignoring a fool that fakes it..
It's on again!! in the lab adjusting bass and tone plus spiritually transponding!!  down the mainstream of mathematics we keep flowing. 

Taking my Pops advive per watching my mouth and tone while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta avoiding these fanatics!! hopefully no road rage as lines of traffic keep growing. 

I kept rowing the vessel;  shark and piranha infested waters can get the best of you!! there's no where to run or hide!

There's another test for you!! multiple choices on the scan sheet;  how will you ride? 

No rest for you like Trump and Russia!! slick Russian lawyers had a Hillary Clinton dossier. 

I even felt the pressure,  relieved by digging through the crates per my George Clinton dossier. 

Rolling with Atomic Dogs,  testing weapons like North Korea?

Sonic assaults are unleashed after the masses beseeched per being caught up in the system / matrix /  mass hysteria. 

Class is in session!!  history wasn't fair with ya,  plus it keeps repeating. 

Class is in session!!  mysteries are unraveled, noticed the webmaster was alt shift deleting. 

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