Monday, July 10, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Remote Outpost Musings)

Chilling out / cooling out in a remote outpost off of I-20 in Atlanta;  on this Monday? a dude got off to a rough start like the NBA Summer League and  Lonzo Ball.

Shady dealing going down out here,  but ruling out going ballistic like North Korea even though it's rough out here!  I'm through with some of y'all.

The saga / struggle continues!! studies were conducted at the  Breakbeat Scientific Institute to rebuke cruel policies and procedures that were instituted.

Bobby Brown said don't be cruel!!  but he was cut off at the July 4th fireworks show at Centennial  Olympic Park,  time was disputed.

It's going down!! others were disputing the truth per the Trump Russian collusion!!  where there is smoke there is fire!!

Cartel gathering per the G20 Summit featuring Vladimir Putin? confusion shown due to the disco inferno,  the roof is on fire!!

Actually? we do the math in this thing!! it's the streets of Hamburg that are on fire, as some refuse to merge with the apparatus.

Word!! due to the path we take society will damn this Louisville / Newburg dude;  check the status. 
We're back with this but check the flavor;  per Deuteronomy 30:15 blessings and curses reside in the same hood!!

Flagrant agents will take it back to the basics check the behavior! do the knowledge per questions answered when somebody asked what's good?

Somebody asked what's hood? I told them riding down I-20 in Atlanta in The Buick Regal sitting on 24'S...

Deliberate Falsehood authors get rebuked when we bring this insight like Auroras colliding!! but it's not the Oldsmobile Aurora and The Taxi Cab /  old Crown Vic colliding on Peachtree Street!! chilling with it, subliminal / discrete is how we had to bring you the scores..

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