Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What Are You Talking About? (HumpDay Extravaganza Edition)

It's another HumpDay Extravaganza, but some of my constituents wonder what the deal is. 

A brotha stumps the pundits and experts; they ask me,  Whatcha Talkin About Willis? 

Breakbeat Science is dropped,  some feel this dude dropping these I-20 Chronicles! 

Breakbeat Science is dropped!! this old dude is rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in a Buick like your grandfather's.

The Heavenly Father is watching over us,  as reality thumps us upside the head. 

Why bother moving forward? that  was heard from a naysayer,  they want us to give up instead. 

Thought and fashion police read Miranda Rights but I continue to drop these insights, based on studies conducted at the Institute Of BreakBeat Science..

The Police with King of Pain jammed in the background, but I maintain I didn't back down!! games played will break these minds!! 
Please!! I made a break for mine!! Manny Moe and Jack fixed the hooptie!! now I'm cruising like Smokey Robinson!! 

Please!! I made a break for mine!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta or dipping into black holes due to being intergalactic!! I could be Lost In Space like the Family Robinson.

Like Dr Smith vs The Robot I'm hip to the scheme / plot!! lost / spaced out was the terms naysayers were lobbing at a dude like an Improvised Explosive Device!! they asked: what are you talking about?

Lost some because I raced out ahead in the game!!  don't blame the player blame the game!! some might know what I'm talking about!!

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