Saturday, July 29, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Special Saturday Edition)

I'm  back in a familiar timeframe per this Saturday morning!! but it seems like I'm chilling in attack zones like it's Donald Trump vs Jeff Sessions.

Familiar spirits get busy, playing games with that and this!! the saga / struggle continues!!  not a damn thing has changed!!  check the classic aggressions. 

Thought and fashion police issue demerits, but class is in session as I respond with the Sonic Blackjack

Thoughts expressed? some are clashing like Anthony Scaramucci vs Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus!!  I heard what was said!!  now a hater will try to walk it back. 

Thoughts expressed? after rolling down I-20 in Atlanta they're selected randomly!! it's going down!!  class is in session,  check out the curriculum. 

Now the masses are stressing,  it doesn't matter if activities were extracurricular,  there's no particular one.
Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but frontline spiritual warfare business is everywhere!! let go of the notion that it's not.

Some front on mine like North Korea with the missiles!!  aid supplied by China? like this Atlanta weather it's going to be hot.

In front of mine?  in back of mine?  check the mass hysteria!! a dude got off of I-20, now you might spot me rolling down Old National in College Park or Panola Rd in Lithonia!!  sometimes I was on the side streets.

Authorities hunt for mine!! Hunger Games Peacekeepers were fronting during victories, but hide the defeats.

The Matrix architect had alt shift delete as part of the agenda!! menawhile the hunter gatherer brought the meal home, but it's prepared by the chef in hell's kitchen.

Meanwhile, on this Saturday morning we bring the funk and this math to satisfy the hunger and thirst;  what were you missing?

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