Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Transition / Transformation PT. 6 (Once Again)

 Damn here we go again!!! once again it's on!! we're in transition / transformation!!  its not a fire but I stop drop and roll.

We're in transition / undergoing transformation!! this is spiritual warfare frontline business!! in the background I hear fireworks and celebratory gunfire per Independence Day!! but that's not how I roll!!

I'm fighting for mind, body, spirit and soul; Independence Day? Frederick Douglass had his opinion about the matter..

Stone out my mind per the Chi-Lites? rolling like Will Smith per Independence Day? who's real with it, how will they play in the matter?

Check out these insights; situations are out of control but we're trying to deal with it even when the arch nemesis revisits us!! they play it like it's a Independence Day family reunion.

Lights aren't out per tainted opioids!!  I'm maintaining control, avoiding those devoid of funk!! ignoring Trump I'm the commander in chief!! using the loose leaf,  blue ink, then the iPhone when writing this state of the union.

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