Monday, July 31, 2017

We Continue To Ride

Priorities shift, some are sick with it!!  were they collateral damage or guinea pigs,  tested by mad scientists?

Priorities shift; governments / corporations / companies are slick with it!! headquarters were ground zero for where a dangerous mind is...

What's it all worth? pseudo intellectuals / pseudo religious leaders greet us with the latest agenda..

What's it all worth? O-Zone came through rocking suede Nike Air Maxes,  no suede or alligator shoes like a Detroit or Chicago pimp; R Kelly a pretender?

Scenarios that are the worst?  Gregory Porter's 1960 What? told you about Detroit so there's no need for the movie!! meanwhile Trump will ask John Kelly what can you prove to me?

Scenarios that are the worst?  the sport can go sideways, I dipped down Grand Avenue in Detroit rocking the Detroit throwback per Barry Sanders! who'll understand us? beats thump plus this good word is dropped! what can they tell me / what will the move be?

Scenarios that are the worst? the sport can go sideways, some will feel the void, so what's the media listing?

Meanwhile we bring the flavor burst;  that's our top priority when it's your territory were visiting.

Drama is revisiting your territory too!!! from Atlanta to NYC from North Korea on out to the Bay Area.

Actually?  its worldwide! ..noticed when we were cruising the galaxy, we checked the scenario.

We continue to ride! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, we even slipped down I-75 to Macon for a minute or two..

We continue to ride! who'll understnad a brotha when I tell you some flipped that jive, they're out here faking you!!

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