Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Saga / Struggle Continues Per The HumpDay Extravaganza!

Per The HumpDay Extravaganza? the saga / struggle continues, as you can see it's  one of my favorite catch phrases /  cliches. 

Trying to get over the hump per the middle of the week! per Senate Obamacare Repeal and Replace hearings lions roar due to this being  Leo season;  check the New Moon and the Mars / Sun conjunction!! what's up son? I'm trying to catch those sun rays!!

Trying to get over the hump per the middle of the week! the struggle is real!! don't give a Negro a reason to flip out, due to being close to the edge!! it's mentioned by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five!! 

Trying to get over the hump per the middle of the week! the struggle is real!! staying on point due to the treason!! similar to Jeff Sessions clashing with Trump / 45? 
Brotha  O-Dizzle is hooking up beats for  Teddy Riley / Wreckx-N-Effect Rump Shakers while  another contributes to the confusion of the world!!

They're  fakers!! they'll act brand new with you and me like Anthony Scaramucci ready to fire everybody!! they're  attitudal with outlooks that are brutal,  with new and improved ways to wreck the world!!

The saga / struggle continues, as another loots and pillages villages like these corporations,  as me and my people try to deal with the ongoing madness. 

The saga / struggle continues, as another shoots out the starting gate this morning in the Chevy Camaro or the Dodge Charger rolling down I-20 in Atlanta until confronted by Dekalb County Police or  Georgia state troopers;  now how about this? 

A brotha roots out the problem staring into the rear view mirror quickly then looking forward;  you can't drive looking backwards.

Hustles?  some are knocking them because they don't have any business!!  that's not how it works. 

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? your dude works it all out blue collar style plus prayer is used... the saga / struggle continues!! blessed during victories and defeats!! assessing the collateral damage, similar to CTE in football players some are abused...

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