Friday, August 28, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Ten)

I mentioned earlier it was like that new car smell when you drive the vehicle off the lot; jokers were acting brand new...

Repercussions from the Jacob Blake shooting? up in Kenosha, one thing leads to another!  now vigilantes act antsy like Kyle Rittenhouse; acting like they knew!!

Percussions will hit up the fake as we weaponize the sound!!  check the sonic assault, jokers get hit up with house, jazz, funk and hip hop..

Discussions will wise some up to the set up, about how some of these folk aka the wise and otherwise get down!! just look around, the madness seems like it doesn't want to stop!! 

Pressures introduced by the corrupt were even felt by this dude threatening to effect the usual positive attitude; left angry / bitter? 

Russian ties to the 2016 Trump campaign remain, it hasn't stopped!!  trolls are getting busy on Facebook and Twitter..

Trump acting brand new per this 2020 campaign? some kind of law and order platform  while paid weather makers/ military undercover / police recruits  aka agents / provocateurs create the perfect storm going from city to city creating chaos / confusion then painting BLM on destroyed buildings..

....per Flashback Friday? some of my constituents said something about "setting it off like Latifah and them" due to the Covid 19 destroyed economy;  a player over here in Decatur said "Mitch Better Have My Money" ; more chaos and confusion promised if his money wasn't right! he's not yielding..

Acting brand new? jokers will get rushed like Rand Paul, so what's up y'all? many people are down to down to Plan Z!! now going all out, also rolling like  like Kanye!! la la!! can't nobody tell him nothing right!

Acting like they knew?  they may have a point, but I don't know about the Kanye West part!  he seems to be rolling with the wrong team; in the background L heard   "I know dats right" 

...that was the word heard from old girl down in Georgia, acting brand new with with the lottery scratch off tickets at Shell Station over on Panola Road in Stonecrest..

What's the deal? per Flashback Friday no justice and no peace is the catch phrase from back in the day that's  appropriate for today!! my people can't get any rest!!  

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