Friday, August 14, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Four)

Check out a dude that's just trying to do his thing, but soon thought and fashion police will pull up..

...they said I'm acting brand new, asking me why do I act like I do? will charges be brought up?

...they said I'm acting like I knew when this science is dropped!! it'll be like the Trump administration against scientists concerning the coronavirus..

Just reacting to what it do, reading the signs dropped along the way; I mentioned earlier I see everything moving, nothing will surprise me /  us..

Per this Flashback Friday? check the terminology as science is dropped, check the old school saying jokers are showing and proving that the pursuit of the prize aka the economy  is more important than my constituents well being..

Per this Flashback Friday? some will rock with me while others will knock me and you plus our hustle; seeing is believing..

Damn!! I can see what they're saying, they think we're out here playing / thinking we're still acting brand new 

Damn!! I can see what they're saying!! throwing salt into the game like Trump vs mail in voting!! we'll strike back dropping beats that bump plus O-Zone is breakbeat scientific quoting, acting like he knew?

Temperature's rising? it's not surprising,  due to global warming now ice is melting in the Himalayas now even so called players are showing fear..

.."it ain't nothing nice" who felt him?  O-Zone spanned the globe brainstorming based on God letting us know He's in control, we should have no fear!

..unless our plans don't interface with His will, so what's the deal / what's the business? then there's a problem.

Acting brand new / acting like we knew? from Beirut to  these American urban wastelands; so called deals with Israeli and UAE after prime territory / Palestinian settlements in the West Bank already annexed?  so what's next? please!! the sport is complex,  trouble will find them.

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