Friday, August 07, 2020

The Temperature's Rising But It's Still A Cold World (Part Nine)

Please!! Hotter Than July per Stevie Wonder? man, it's smoldering in August per these back to back 90 degree days.. in Atlanta? not just Covid 19 is rising per Dr Deborah Birx The Temperature Is Rising, And It's Not Surpising!! in the background I hear that line from the Quincy Jones Body Heat song, sung by Bruce Fisher, and Leon Ware; taking it there!!  that's the business on these Flashback Fridays..

...heard that refrain in the background of the Mobb Deep classic, The Temperature Is Rising, And It's Not Surpising!! featuring  Crystal Johnson

Heard my people are in pain "back around the way"  up in Louisville; Breonna Taylor's killers still out on the streets walking around?  Oprah's putting up 26 billboards around the Ville; guilty? maybe somebody will feel me!! how else are they responding?

Peace to Herman Cain, following the wrong doctrine? for real though!! fooling with Trump will get you killed..

Working things another way down here in Atlanta; it's still rough out here, we're trying to get over the hump!! life is hectic for a moment we disconnected took a ride through the Georgia countryside; we chilled..

 It's still rough out here, revealed out in the countryside per the skinny cows, goats and horses in the pastures and stables; Flashback Friday knowledge? up in Louisville skinny pimps we're off course losing Cadillacs, product and stables..

Louisville narcs shutting down Shawnee and Chickasaw Parks; "Ice"  had no cream like Skinny Cow, no knowledge done concerning global warming  per the Temperature's Rising!! what / when / where / how? against science like Trump, believing fables?

This Louisville dude barks, O-Dog is dropping this good music and the good word, telling you the The Temperature Is Rising, But It's Still A Cold World!!

Check the attitude, surviving the fog, smoke and mirrors!! rocking the mask , not just for Covid 19 I multi - task plus I ask myself on a Flashback Friday, have things always been this way? it's an old world!

Check the attitude, The Temperature Is Rising, But It's Still A Cold World!! I've got the skull cap and the leather coat on standby..

Check the attitude, it's not surprising even though some will deny global warming meanwhile we'll span the globe brainstorming rebuking the lie..

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