Monday, August 24, 2020

Acting Brand New / Acting Like I Knew (Part Eight)

On this Monday Morning? jokers say we're acting brand new but we're just sonic change agents, not in the NBA bubble flagrant fouling with this!! check out these cosmic facilitators.

Acting like we knew, but going through it like the rest of my constituents; what? those changes like Buddy Miles ,  jokers are acting foul up in these facilities!! getting played by these gamblers out for a fast buck?  per the Covid 19 or systemic racism they'll get us one way or another! as you can see some still hate us!

Going in / getting it in but even  blood libel  was heard, among with other conspiracy theories!  some are needing to check the files before debates get underway!

Going in / getting it in but who's liable? explosions were heard in Beirut, blamed on Hezbollah in Lebanon?  for Mossad, was it  viable? place your bets like Las Vegas!! over or under? will you play?

The old school baptist preacher wasn't  like the new school ones, acting brand new!!  he said pull out your bible and pray over a few verses!

The old school player said act like you knew!!!  please!! he was flipping out!! he said he might be able to make his point or get over saying a  few curses!

Another old school player said act like you knew!! he was tripping out as Gil Scott Heron's Whitey On The Moon was  heard and was also title of this week's Lovecraft Country episode..

An old fool was asked; why do you act like you do? he's supposedly like Vernon Jones speaking at RNC 2020, it must be about the money, in sellout mode? 

Supposedly bold in these danger zones, acting brand new like other black Trump supporters, even marching through Los Angeles!!

Supposedly bold in these danger zones, acting like they knew but haven't been "out in those streets" or on ground zero like in Louisville, Minneapolis or now  Kenosha so they can see what the real angle is!!

I told you it was a cold world even though the temperature is rising, word dropped by a Louisville dude that'll "holla atcha" with this!! accused of acting brand new...

I told you it was a cold world but of course the thought and fashion police we're aghast, saying I'm acting like I knew!!

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