Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Temperature Is Rising But It's Still A Cold World

Back in the day on some Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday type of business?  Stevie Wonder mentioned Hotter Than July , so here we are bearing witness

Here we are on a Sunday morning in Atlanta, the temperature is rising into the 90's later today and for the next seven days!! soon sweating,  bearing witness..

Eric B and Rakim mentioned sweating the technique like stormtroopers Trump and Bill Barr sent to Portland aka Portlandia..

Now the temperature is rising in more ways than one, but it's still a cold world; somebody will understand a brotha!!

It's a cold world, but from Louisville to Atlanta to Minneapolis due to  Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and George Floyd temperatures are rising but its not surprising,  but not due to feeling that Body Heat

...per  Quincy Jones, but tension is rising but to O-Zone it's not surpising!!  a bruh issued a warning about the alt shift delete! 

Word up like Cameo!!!  whatcha know? danger zones aren't surrounded by the yellow caution tape until after the fact!

More than cameo appearances are made by so called celebrities and wannabes like Kanye West that need to let it rest /  go on with that!

Teacher's temperatures are rising after hearing "Gwon with dat" in bad grammar and broken English, reflecting anguish by my constituents using the street or  even the  DaVinci Code.

Going all out for that?  homage and respect paid to John Lewis and CT Vivian, meanwhile dealing with Covid -19 and systemic racism has us sheltering in place in a discreet mode..

...especially since the temperature is rising, even in a cold world as we bear witness to the drama that unfurled..

...especially since the temperature is rising, even in a cold world; now the air conditioning is turned on, the Lord we're petitioning so once again it's on!! into the atmosphere this good word and good music is hurled!!

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