Sunday, July 05, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part Seven)

Check us out!! this is going down on this Fourth Of July / Independence Day weekend! my constituents are celebrating like Kool and The Gang..

Check us out!! we're feeling some kind of way especially when Covid 19 takes a back seat to the economy; Cash Rules Everything Around Me was mentioned by the Wu Tang Clan...

So what's up man? it all falls apart especially if your on the wrong side history in the making; hearts are breaking, Rose Royce mentioned "love don't live here anymore"

So what's up man? it all falls apart especially if your on the wrong side history in the making!! some jokers will talk junk like Trump at MT Rushmore..

So what's up man? it all falls apart check the score!! we're still out here trying /  going for more firing up the Mothership dipping down I-20 in Atlanta full steam ahead trying to put it back together,  but this is no hybrid like a Toyota Prius!! this vehicle is not energy efficient!

Not super cool with it; Life Is Hectic  per the Covid 19 / systemic racism twin pandemics, no lie about this!!  I'm still in the hood / community but it's not like I'm up in a Caddie Escalade or up in the Lincoln Navigator pulling an escapade or a caper; I wasn't with it!

It all falls apart, due to policies of a hater I'm rolling with a deficit like the US budget  but I'll still exercise diplomatic immunity;  per The Lord? I'm still blessed and highly favored!

...a slogan that was spotted on the "old girls"  license plate on front of the Caddie Sedan Deville over at the Shell Station on Candler Road in Decatur Georgia where she was buying lottery tickets!! she knew the deal, like Cheryl Lynn,  she said "you got to be real";   the knowledge was savored!

Noticing that it all falls apart, how will I behave with it? trying to put it back together!  colors / flavors, plus the fragments of other elements of the universe like Earth Wind and Fire are put in the melting pot.

...similar to the Hadron Collider?  your homie is a 2.0  Freedom Rider!  fragments and elements get blended / remixed.;  is it the God Particle? don't start with a bro,  the message? we send it...some felt it; they said its hot!

A 2.0 Freedom Rider ready to take it to the bridge like the Edmund Pettis one that needs to be renamed after John Lewis? 

I see some but wouldn't want to be them, knowledge is dropped on them as it all falls apart; but of course opposition is met, they'll say we're acting brand new with this!!

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