Wednesday, July 08, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part Eight)

It's going down per my HumpDay Extravaganza segment; my constituents are eligible for it,  they're going through it...

It all falls apart, getting over the hump is delayed by constitution misinterpreters like Bill Barr ; fixed deal? he'll do it...

It all falls apart, that remixer / interpreter O-Dizzle told us to  jump to the conclusion / recognize the pattern!!  it's retrograde, going backwards like Mercury  and Saturn..

It all falls apart, now using the mothership for those  Plutonian Martian Chronicles, now back down to earth check the response to these and those; at the moment per a new normal earthlings are dealing with a reality that's bruising and battering..

Showing heart while winning / losing as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific per these I-20 Chronicles, we're  dropping this breaking news...

Dropping knowledge like Mary Trump but it's mostly this good word and beats that bump after paying dues..

Dropping in status, bumped off the flight?  I wasn't connected to the database;  thought and fashion police said these sites agendas were vague, soon it'll all fall apart!!  this bruh is considered offline!!

For the cheese? the rat race is off the chain!! PPP Loan Recipients connected to Trump and others dip with it!  ..who'll vogue like Madonna?  not liked by Trump because of the gum chewing? jokers asked me, what are you doing? told them I'm even going off with mine!!

What's the verdict? it all falls apart but naysayers point fingers;  awful or awesome with mine? just because I grew up with crooks up in Newburg? LA ; The Louisville Area!! guilt by association? justice for Breonna Taylor or bad karma they're facing!!  it all falls apart like Downtown Louisville:  the scenario? I'm playing it like Johannesburg..

....freedom fights like Nelson Mandela or Desmond Tutu before it all falls apart?  act like you knew, you heard?

Shining the light for those waiting in the dark so they can break north before it all falls apart!! dropping this funk and the good word!!

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