Sunday, July 12, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part Nine)

It all falls apart, now some are on default settings!! soon shredding evidence, flushing product down the toilet and commuting sentences of  accomplices like Roger Stone..

It all falls apart, soon others like me are on default settings!! Louisville / Newburg let me know what the deal is now my conduct is peeped by thought and fashion police; they're sweating the accomplishments of the Brotha O-Zone...

Once again it's on!! history repeating, those at fault begetting the shady deal? we didn't merge with the apparatus,  George Floyd / Breonna Taylor / Ahmaud Arbery situations had my people Taking It To The Streets like the Doobie Brothers..

Rayshard Brooks here in Atlanta and David McAtee in Louisville we're caught up later; damn!! what are they doing to the brothers?

Crooks like Bill Barr influence the Department of Justice, chants of no justice no peace in vain? Brothers Are Going To Work It Out was mentioned by Willie Hutch...

It all falls apart, I guess it's all up to us to put it back together again; check us out as we come through in the clutch!!

It all falls apart, you heard? some of my people we're trying to self medicate, passing the dutchie to the left hand side like the Musical Youth, while others hide, waiting for answers? will peace be still like the Rev. James Cleveland gospel song?

It all falls apart, you heard? now the devil was waiting for dancers; like Trump Evangelicals,  who has the gospel wrong?

It all falls apart but we're all showing heart, Rebuking the Hostile Takeover, staying strong!! on this Sunday morning or any morning? Lord Help! Lord Help! is The Battle Cry..

Showing heart in the midst of the madness! the break is over / time to get back to work but it's  not like Trump reopening America / schools!!  wearing the damn mask that Covid 19 is not playing, I'm not trying to lie..

Showing heart, knowing the devil is a liar!!  who'll be fair with ya? what it do? episodes make you say whew!!

Showing heart, knowing the devil is a liar!!  who'll be fair with ya? what it do? as it all falls apart you better act like you knew!!

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